Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Ethics & Workplace Survey \ Deloitte

During challenging economic times, the relationship between employees and employers is often tested. Frequently, executives are forced to make decisions that broadly affect their workforces and alter what matters in the workplace. Today’s business environment is no exception; it appears that the recession has diminished two important forms of business currency: trust and ethics.

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Steven said...

There's no reason for employers to treat employees differently during an economic downturn than when times are good. Ethics should not be relative to a particular situation. Ethical values such as honesty, respect, openness, fair treatment,trustworthiness and, especially, integrity are the bedrock of a successful business whether dealing with its employees, suppliers or customers. It is unethical to use the pursuit of corporate self-interests to deviate from an organization's social responsibilities to these stakeholders and society..........

by Ethics Sage