Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stop Measuring ROI on Soft Skills Training > Trusted Advisor Associates > Trust Matters

"Let’s tackle a garden variety corporate orthodoxy: the one that says your company shouldn’t do training without a measurable return on your training investment.

Variations on the theme: if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it; all training must be defined in terms of behavioral objectives; each objective must link to behavioral milestones, each quantifiable and financially ratable.

Let me speak plainly: Subjecting soft-skills training to pure skills-mastery financial analytics is intellectually dishonest, foolish, wrong-headed, useless at best and counter-productive at worst."

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Ben Simonton said...

I can't imagine why not to measure the ROI of soft skills. Effective soft skills are capable of turning poorly motivated employees into highly motivated ones and the gain in productivity per person can be north of 300% per person. That can be measured. I know because I have done it, more than a few times in my 30+ years of managing people.

If you want to know what these soft skills are, I am willing to reveal them.

Best regards, Ben