Friday, September 12, 2008

Important work can be done while daydreaming - The Boston Globe

"The ability to think abstractly that flourishes during daydreams also has important social benefits. Mostly, what we daydream about is each other, as the mind retrieves memories, contemplates 'what if' scenarios, and thinks about how it should behave in the future. In this sense, the content of daydreams often resembles a soap opera, with people reflecting on social interactions both real and make-believe. We can leave behind the world as it is and start imagining the world as it might be, if only we hadn't lost our temper, or had superpowers, or were sipping a daiquiri on a Caribbean beach. It is this ability to tune out the present moment and contemplate the make-believe that separates the human mind from every other."

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rorschach said...

This is really cool hey. I often find I am most creative when day dreaming. I think that perhaps the mental state experienced during a day dream is similar to that achieved in the state of 'flow'... that timelessness and ecstasy... There's a Hungarian psychologist called Mihali (long last name) who proposed this idea of flow.. Just wrote an entry about it on my blog and a TED talk he did... really interesting stuff.

Once again, loving your blog.