Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big Contrarian → Tacky.

"Talking about your blog is the social equivalent of talking about your dog. It’s a dull conversation for everyone but you.

Yet, an entire industry exists built around nothing more than bloggers, talking about blogging to other bloggers via their blogs. It’s a trade show for people who run trade shows. A instructional video on making instructional videos. Cyclical and cheap, yet undoubtably useful to the right type of consumer...

But it seems that the best of them would never deign follow the advice espoused by articles such as “How to stop being invisible” or sites such as Problogger. These are the web equivalent of informercials. Lowest-common-denominator thinking. One guy getting rich off telling you how to get rich. And fuck me sideways, they have more readers than I’ll likely ever have.

Write top ten lists and whore yourself on as many other sites as you possibly can. Don’t be thoughtful, long-winded or interesting. Don’t write about what you love, unless what you love is popular on Digg. And for god’s sake don’t even think about writing about more than one topic.

Whether their strategies work or not is slightly beside the point. It’s cheap. It’s marketing driven, instead of content driven. It’s the type of thinking that leads to a sequel to the movie Garfield.

There are only three requirements I’ve ever sussed out from reading excellent sites. Write well, write often, and write with passion. It seems if you can manage that, you’ll find an audience."

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