Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Networking, Netweaving and Networthing…how to tell who you’re dealing with « Save Your Bottom Line - Lower Costs, Increase Customers

"For many people, the concept of networking, or the bringing together of people for anothers benefit, is becoming less and less a foreign concept. People are connecting leads and vendors more and more. Still, going beyond simply passing leads and building relationship capital isn’t something most people think of.

Yet realtionship capital holds great influence and should be a focus. Companies are currently heeding the trend that people do business with people and not the company they work for and are making hires based on who the candidate brings to the table with them - not just a client and former client list, but what network(s) they are associated with and whom they are connected to."

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Chief NetWeaver said...

Hello, Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver here. I am the creator of the NetWeaving concept - which is also known worldwide as the 'business' version of "Pay It Forward". I co-chair the Pay It Forward Foundation created by Catherine Ryan Hyde, the author of the book on which the popular movie was based.

I would invite Ami G's audience and bloggers to come learn more about NetWeaving at www.netweaving.com and to see how you currently score as a NetWeaver, take the NetWeaver Skills Aptitude quiz.

The motto of NetWeaving is "Good things happen to those people who MAKE good things happen".

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Thanks Ami for spreading the good word about NetWeaving.

Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver