Friday, October 12, 2007

Neurophilosophy : Brain-computer interface for controlling Second Life avatars

"Researchers from the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at Keio University in Japan have developed a brain-computer interface that enables users to control the movements of Second Life avatars without moving a muscle.

The device consists of a headset containing electrodes which monitor electrical activity in the motor cortex, the region of the brain involved in planning, executing and controlling movements. All a user has to do to control his/her avatar is imagine performing various movements.

The activity monitored by the headpiece is read and plotted by an electroencephalogram, which relays it to a computer running a brain wave analysis algorithm that interprets the imagined movements. A keyboard emulator then translates the data into signals which can be used to control the movements of the user's on-screen avatar in real-time."


Mo said...

You're not really giving me proper credit as the author of this post. Can you please erase this from your blog, or just quote one paragraph and link back to me?

Amitai Givertz said...

Mo, thanks for leaving your comment.

Just to clarify, this blog is an archive of items I come across which I find useful and that I think are worth sharing with my friends and readers.

It is also part of my experiment with microblogging and content sharing via mobile phone.

To your point about giving credit and your request to delete or restrict to the first para, each in turn:

1. Your blog Neurophilosophy is referenced in the actual title of the post and the entire text is linked back to the source.

2. Because I am also experimenting with text-to-speech it is also helpful to provide enough of the selected text to make sense for a listener.

In closing, let me say this:

1. Your blog, research and content is fascinating and well worth sharing, especially with those normally outside your circle of interest/readers and content distribution.

2. I am happy to credit you per your post How to cite a blog although my posting is nothing more than a direct quote linked back to the source and properly credited [at least I think so]:

Costandi, M. (2007). Neurophilosophy : Brain-computer interface for controlling Second Life avatars . Neurophilosophy Weblog. Retrieved on October 12, 2007, from

So, all that said - keep up the good work! Your blog is very helpful to me and others who are not in the fields of science but recognize its vital importance to our general understanding of things. I hope to quote and link back to it often.

I cannot delete the post as it now has a thread all of its own. If you insist on my reducing it to to a single paragraph I will respect your request as a courtesy to a fellow blogger.

Likewise, if you prefer I do not reference your work in this manner moving forward let me know and I will again respect your wishes. I think, however, that would be a shame.

Take care and, oh...

Happy Blog Action Day!

Mo said...


I've had a few problems with plagiarism of my content in the past, so my first comment was almost like an automated response.

Thanks for your explanation, and good luck with your online experiments.


Amitai Givertz said...

Thanks, Mo.